2021 Christmas Love Drive


On December 4, 2021 our Christmas love drive gave food hampers to 88 families around the Kya sands campus. People from all over the community came together to give back to those who need it this Christmas season.

After collecting various items, foods, toys and articles of clothing, we assembled a team of 92 consisting of some of our associate pastors, leaders, evangelists, workers, members and of course, volunteers to pack, sort and go out to distribute to those in need. Our team gave with the Agape Love of God and offered to minister, pray and lead the people to Jesus if they requested.

Our Outreach Delivery team!They followed a predetermined plan of action after researching each area. A big thank you to all our evangelists on the job as well!

Some Feedback from the Outreach Team...

"Praise God! We had so many happy faces but we also saw the desperation out there too. So many people hurting. So glad we are reaching out to these people. Thank you Pastors."

- Josh

"It was a wonderful experience. It was my first time doing something like this and to see the joy on so many people faces. It was very hard to describe. I was very touched and thank you Pastor Mom and the team."

- Sylvia

"Thanks so much to everyone for today; it was really a blessing working with all of you. May God continue to bless us all to be blessings to others and provide opportunities for souls to be saved, healed, delivered and prospered."

- Ngoni

"It was such a blessing to do this. So sad that there's so many people who need food. Most of the people we interacted with did not have a formal home to go to. Thank you Pastors and team for your dedication!"


"Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord"

-Proverbs 19:17 NIV


Operation Mercy received generous donations of grocery hampers, clothes, shoes, toys and stationery for school going children from its partners and members. As a bonus, all bags were bio-degradable to not harm the environment

We distributed 50 grocery hampers, 15 bags full of clothing, 10 stationery packs and 13 toys.

We placed "The 4 Spiritual Laws" booklet into each and every gift bag. We used these booklets to teach them about salvation, repentance, forgiveness, healing and deliverance. We taught them that God has a plan, purpose and a destiny for their lives! We had 14 loving volunteers that went along to distribute and answer any questions about God and His Word.

The Action Plan

Each of the four teams were given specific areas to distribute. These areas were selected after research and reconnaissance. We were looking for where the greatest need was, where immediate relief was needed and where those who would most likely require help based on previous data would be located.

Areas of Impact:

Each team was led by a TMC leader/pastor. A total of 88 people were lovingly blessed with gifts.  

Many received Jesus Christ as their personal savior after requesting prayer. We handed the salvation prayer tract to each of them, together with the church address and our contact details should they need more prayer.

Some Photos

We don't like to take photos of those receiving parcels since it makes them feel uncomfortable and used (all too often corporations use photos like those to promote themselves and in the process humiliate those in need - we don't want that). The selection of photos below are only from those who agreed to have their photos published.

Partner Report

Below is a detailed report sent to our SMM ministry partners who faithfully give and assist us financially.

Operation Mercy Love Drive Partner Report (Web).pdf